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Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Faves

You know it's going to be a long week when every day feels like Friday, but then all of a sudden time speeds up and it's the weekend again.  Allow me to plug my ears and sing "la la la la" while all of you teachers tell me that today is the last day of school until January.  I'll be over here lamenting the fact that we are working up through Tuesday.

1 // Walker and I discovered Smashburger and have been talking about it all week.  I'm a sucker for a juicy burger and crispy fries.

2 // We had our holiday party for work on Wednesday and it went off without a hitch!  My grade level partners and I planned the whole thing, so I have to say that it's a huge relief to have it behind us.

3 // Spending time with my in-laws was so wonderful last weekend.  I am still praising God for Paula's clean bill of health!

4 // And in that same vein, I finally got my hands on some pictures from last summer's trip to Maine.  There are some gems in there, I tell you!

5 // Did you see the New Year's Swap that Krista and I are hosting?  Make sure you sign up to get in on the action!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

New Year's Resolution Swap Box - SIGN UPS!

As we are winding down 2014 and about to enter 2015, there is one word that comes to mind. RESOLUTIONS. We all make them in hopes of sticking to them. But somewhere in between January 20-February, we might stray a little bit. Wouldn't it be great if there was something that could keep us going, give us that extra little push?

Since I love Swap Boxes and getting to know new people through them...drum roll please...allow me to introduce...the New Year's Resolution Swap Box!

Hosted by yours truly and the lovely Krista who blogs over at Classy Sassy Mrs.

I met Krista through my very first swap box, called the Cara Box and she is still one of my closest blog friends. We really got to know each other and become friends outside this little space. Just one of the perks of participating in the New Year's Swap Box.

So what is this swap box, exactly?

//You will be matched with a partner that you should get to know through email, Instagram, blog etc. and learn what their resolutions are for the New Year.

//Then, you get to put together a box that will help them keep those resolutions and motivate them throughout the year.

Example: One of your partner's resolutions is to eat healthier - you can put together a box of Special K bars (because they love strawberry), green lunch bag to be able to pack things for lunch (because their favorite color is green), recipe cards, Gluten Free cookbook (specific just for your partner's eating style) Just one example, the possibilities are endless.

Simple Rules:
//Fill out the form below.

//Sign ups close December 26th at 11:59. You will be notified of your partner by the 28th. You have until January 1st to reach out to your partner.

//Follow Classy & Sassy Mrs. & on Classy Living on Instagram

//Box should be AT LEAST $20 not including shipping. Feel free to spoil your partner if you want to though!

//All boxes should be mailed by January 21st. That gives you a few weeks to get to know your partner.

//You MUST post on Instagram your New Year's Resolution Box with the hashtag #NewYearsResolutionBox

Optional: Resolution Box  Link-Up will be posted at a later date if you want to participate.

We are so excited to to offer you this swap and the opportunity to make some new friends. Don't wait, sign-up now!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Through the Years

Four Christmases ago*, Walker and I had been dating for about nine months.  I had no idea what to possibly get for a maybe-this-is-getting-serious boyfriend and ended up taking the leap and getting him a nice study Bible with his name engraved on the front.  Big risk for a guy who was not always pleased about the idea of attending church.  

I remember taking the train down to Virginia to visit him, Bible and homemade goodies in tow.  It would be my second time meeting the family, and I was staying for much longer than the first time.  I knew they liked to be cozy and just relax.  Would I be brave enough to wear my PJ's all day if that's what everyone else was doing (I was nuts, obvs)

Three Christmases ago, we were coming up on almost two years.  We knew we loved each other and I was a senior in college so the marriage conversation was happening on the reg but we knew we still had awhile to go since Walker needed to graduate before we could say "I do".  I decided to go with the gift of experience that year, and bought us some salsa dancing classes, since we met trying to learn swing and waltz for an event the college was having.

That gift lasted several months after the fact, as we'd go to a class every few weeks.  It made the dreary Wheaton winter much more bearable.

Two Christmases ago, I had a ring on my finger.  We were giddy because we realized that December 22nd marked only six months until our big day.  I was not working full-time just yet, so we spent practically his entire college break together, back and forth between our respective homes.  Long distance sucked, and it was so special to soak up time together.

Last Christmas was magical.  It was perfect.  It was everything we could have wanted for our first married holiday together.  Gifts were abundant, food was decadent, and the company was even better.  We spent tons of time with our family, but still were able to enjoy the magic of Christmas morning in our little apartment, unwrapping our presents with relish.

This Christmas, I am grateful for family.  For health.  For faith.  We've dealt with complicated stuff recently, and as I sit in front of the tree, I remember that the only thing that matters this holiday season is the baby in the manger, more than 2,000 years ago.  And then I stop worrying about the minutia of the gifts or the lack of Christmas treats in the house.  My family is alive and well, and more importantly, so is my Lord.  

*Post idea stolen from Chelsea - thanks, girl!