Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sweet Compromise

If you remember, around Christmastime last year, Walker and I faced some major compromises.  His family has a very specific way of decorating their Christmas tree(s) and I'll bet you can guess that it was quite different than the way I grew up doing it.  The finished product ended up looking amazing, but that experience made us realize that we are in for a long road of compromise in this thing called marriage.

More than six months later, we've started brainstorming some new activities that we could do together.  It's been a year since we said "I do" so we're finally stepping out of our comfort zones and are getting involved in various adventures together.  Over the summer, we got involved with our church's high school youth group, and we actually have a meeting tonight to discuss starting up Youth Alpha for the kids in the fall.

When the end of August rolls around, my mind immediately shifts to an event that occupied my entire brain for many years: Nutcracker auditions.  I danced with my old company in 2012 and loved every second of it.  I took a break last year to focus on my marriage and my first year of teaching...but what if...Walker joined me this year?

I'm not sure if your boyfriend/fiance/husband/significant other would just flat-out agree to dance in a full-length ballet with you if you asked, but mine definitely was opposed to the idea at first.  It was only when I brought up the idea of compromise that he was even willing to consider.

So what, pray tell, am I doing for him now that he has agreed to dance with me?

Three words.

League of Legends.

For you non-gamers out there, League of Legends (aka LoL) is a multiplayer online computer game that my wonderful husband likes to play with his "bros".  They battle each other and it's incredibly complicated with all sorts of "champions" and "abilities" but all you need to know here is that I have NEVER played a video game before and all of a sudden am expected to nerd out on this one.

We haven't yet figured out how much I need to play in order to make up for the ballet rehearsals, but I've played two 40 minute games so far and we have yet to practice a single ballet step.

So tell me...who got the better end of the deal?
Have you ever had to make a ridiculous compromise?

Monday, August 18, 2014

Putt Putt & Pie

Now that sweet summertime is coming to a close, I'm cherishing every moment I have during my precious weekends.  Though that thought my seem crazy seeing as weekends are notoriously time OFF and AWAY from work, as a teacher, that's not quite the case.  Even if I don't necessarily bring anything home with me, I'm still thinking about the coming week and all of the prep work I have to complete.

The weekend started off fabulously with an absolutely beautiful beach day.  It was a totally spontaneous decision, and we are so glad we took advantage of the time we had!  LBI is my happy place.

Walker and I basically "chilled" on Saturday, and I had major anxiety over assembling a lasagna.  It was the first one I ever made and after sending an exasperated photo of a noodle dilemma to my mother, I finally pulled myself together and just went for it.

It turned out to be really, really good (even made with turkey rather than ground beef and/or sausage!) and Walker gave it a stamp of approval, which is always a great sign.

And what's Saturday night without a stop to the local ice cream stand?  Because if you walk the quarter mile there and back, it totally negates the calories, right?

PS - This was a small - I only ate half!  The rest was delicious on Sunday!

On Sunday, we started the day with church, but this time, we were able to worship outdoors.  You see, our church actually owns an old YMCA camp (super cool, right?) and on Sunday mornings, they invite people to do a service outside.  My dad and sister were doing music, so we were super excited to attend.  There's something about worshipping in nature that's just unlike anything else.

When the service ended, we realized that we were right around the corner from a mini golf place that we'd wanted to try, so we headed over there and played a round of putt putt.  Walker even won us a free game for next time!

And since my sister Courtney is home, my parents hosted a family dinner, which was amazing.  London broil, twice baked potatoes, green beans, corn on the cob, and a delicious peach pie.

So what does today hold after that weekend?  Well, to start, an hour of body pump to work off that rich food!  After that, an afternoon in the classroom to get ready for the first day of school.  My kiddos find out that I'm their teacher today - hope they are excited!

Happy Monday, friends!  How were your weekends?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Oh Hey Friday!

Happy Friday, friends!  What did I read the other day -- only 20 more Fridays until Christmas?  Too soon, Pinterest, too soon.  I'm still enjoying my summer over here.

I can't believe that another week has just flown by, and it's sad to think that we're really in the last days of summer.  Thank goodness fall is so wonderful, otherwise this time of year would be downright depressing!

Here are the top five moments from my week:

1 // I officially got my class list and am busy planning as much as I possibly can for my new 4th grade friends.  Interestingly, I am actually still really upset at the concept of losing last year's kids.  I had such an amazing class - can't they just stay with me forever?

I can't wait to show you the finished product once I'm totally set up!

2 // Summertime means stuffing my face with as many corn fritters as possible.  They are quite possibly my favorite warm weather food, and I've had them for five of my meals in the last week.

3 // New computer = major, major love.  I'm obsessed!  I skyped with Holly this week and it ran like a dream (compared to my last one whose fan made it sound like an airplane was taking off...)

4 // Our first anniversary was almost two months ago, but the gift that we ordered for ourselves finally arrived yesterday.  I'll tell you more about that next week!  (HINT: Year 1's tradition is paper)

5 // My sister Courtney is coming home today!  She was in New Zealand for the month of May and then has been working in Greenville, South Carolina for the summer at her university.  I'm really excited to see her!

6 // I'm adding a sixth one this week, because the above picture just reminded me that we are getting our wedding album in a couple of days!!  I am SO excited to see it!